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Our Process

Hingham, MAAedi Construction adheres to a process we feel greatly enhances the success of a construction project. We work closely with our clients and the design and implementation team of architects, engineers, interior designers and other sub-contractors to ensure clear communication throughout the pre-construction and construction process. Even well after the project is complete and the required one-year warranty has expired, Aedi Construction stands by its work and its commitment to the highest levels of client satisfaction.


Our typical client engagement can be best characterized in the following process:

  • Initial Site Visit & Scope of Work Review
  • Rough Estimate
  • Ensuing site visits & detailed estimate
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Contract details & Billing Schedules Finalized
  • Project Team Assembled
  • Construction
  • Changer Orders
  • Final Punch List

Initial Site Visit & Estimate

The first step in our process is to visit your home, office or commercial building. At that time we review the architect’s plans and walk through the property and spend most of the time listening to you to ensure an understanding of the requirements and objectives we must achieve. We then review the plans at our office and make any follow up calls to answer questions we may have. In most scenarios, we respond with a ‘ballpark’ estimate within 48 hours (2 business days). This estimate is to help you understand the general range of costs that we believe are associated with the project.

Ensuing Site Visits & Detailed Estimate

Assuming the first phase of the process moves according to plan, we generally make another site visit to check measurements and to allow any sub-contractor to view the existing conditions and review the plans on site. We generally bring an additional project manager or Site Supervisor from our team for the second walk through. By bringing an extra set of eyes we believe this helps us to see things more thoroughly. Once the visit is complete, we can then put together a detailed estimate of what the project costs and time frame would entail.

If you select us as your contractor, we execute a contract with 10% of the anticipated costs as a non-refundable deposit. We then do ‘progress’ billing every two weeks which means that you pay for what has been accomplished in that time period. The bill will itemize all costs in a detailed outline that mirrors the format in which we provided to you the detailed estimate.

Project Team

Our project team consists of a Project Manager and a Site Supervisor. All of our Project Managers are LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP’s) and we have relevant in-field experience in “green” building projects.

The Project Manager has the overall responsibility for the success of the project and coordinates all financial matters. The Site Supervisor is on the job site at all times and reports to the Project Manager. The Site Supervisor coordinates and schedules all sub-contractors, directs quality control, monitors site safety, and also doubles as a Lead Carpenter when needed. It is the Site Supervisors responsibility to ensure that the job gets done within the parameters outlined by the client.

Pre-Construction Planning

At this phase in the process, we meet with you and the entire project team to work out detailed plans as to the construction process to ensure clear communication and understanding. Part of the stage is determining a schedule for ordering materials and coordinating sub-contractors. The Project Manager will then work with local building authorities to secure the necessary permits to begin the site work, demolition (if any) and construction process.

Construction Process

In most cases, we have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the project team throughout the construction process. We commit our Site Supervisor and Project Manager to the project from day one until its completion. We adhere to this quality standard as a way to deliver on time projects with the highest quality desired by our clients. Since we are so active in the construction process, the projects we do typically follow the targeted timeline agreed upon in the pre-construction planning process.

Projects generally follow a logical order of site work, concrete, structural & steel, rough carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. and some of this work can be done in tandem, but you can generally expect one sub-contractor to follow another. We have worked closely with our sub-contractors over the years and our strong relationships pay dividends in getting the scheduling we need to meet your needs.

Despite experience and best efforts, some potential elements that may derail a time line are delays in product/materials procurement, local authorities and change orders to the original set of plans.

Change Orders

Rarely do we encounter a project in which absolutely no changes are made within the construction process. We do everything we can to be as accommodating as possible to change requests, yet despite best efforts, changes can increase both the time frame and costs of projects. To ensure clear communication about any changes, we document all changes in a change order form and adjust the planning and pricing accordingly.

Final Punch List

As the construction process nears completion, we compile a list of the remaining items that need to be finished. This list is commonly referred to as the “Punch List”. Typically these are smaller ‘to-do’ items or minor issues that the Site Supervisor coordinates with various sub-contractors and/or may complete certain items firsthand. Once the punch list has been completed, the project is considered complete.