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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


What geographical range do you serve?

Aedi Construction does projects east of Worcester, with heavy concentrations in the greater Boston area and the South Shore.


Will Aedi Construction complete my project on time?

We have a strong reputation for building projects on time. We know this is really important to our clients and it is equally important to our ability to do sound business management between projects. We take a lot of pride in delivering an on time project.


Will I get the best price from Aedi Construction?

No. We typically hear that we are not the most expensive and not the least expensive – we are generally “in the middle”.


Do you competitively bid for projects?

Yes. We do bid for projects. Please refer to “Our Process” section of the web site for the specific steps we use in providing to you the information you need to make an informed decision in selecting your contractor.


Will you stay on budget?

Yes. If the job is a “Fixed Price” contract, then we will honor that price. Obviously, if there are Change Orders to the project, we will give you a price for the changes and honor that price as well. If the job is “Time and Materials”, then we stay on budget for the estimates provided to you from our sub-contractors, again, unless you make changes from the original plans.


Can you help me pick materials and finishes?

We are happy to help point you to sources we use for specific materials and finishes as sourcing Green products and materials can still be a daunting task. We do not, however, help you in your selection process as we defer those decisions to you, your architect or designer.


Do I need to compromise on the look or style of my home or office to be Green?

This is one of the most frequent of the frequently asked questions. You will not have to compromise the look and feel of your home or office to go Green – not at all. In the last few years, so many more products have come out from tile to lighting that offers multiple styles to fit various needs. Please refer to our “Building Green” section of the web site for a lot more information about Green products.


Can I do a green home or office without getting LEED certified?

Absolutely yes. We have done projects that are Green in the products used and the energy they save, but the client has not felt it necessary to go through the LEED certification process. With or without LEED certification, your home or office can be Green.


Can I do a “Green” renovation if the rest of my home or office is not Green?

Yes. We have done Green renovations and additions for homes even if the rest of the home was not built Green. We have also done Green office build-outs in office buildings in which the other offices were not Green.


Do Green projects cost more?

Negligibly more, around 2-3% in our experience for a home or office renovation. If the scope of work is to include solar or wind power, geo-thermal systems and storm water management, then the cost will certainly be higher.


Do Green projects take longer to complete?

No, Green projects do not take longer to complete – providing the contractor has trained sub-contractors who are familiar with green building principles and practices. Otherwise, building green should not take any more time than conventional building practices.