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Energy Saving Windows

Cambridge, MAWhen properly designed, windows can offer great potential for a reduction in energy consumption. Positioning the buildings’ windows towards the sunlight provides an abundant natural energy supply that cuts heating and electricity costs while gaining the proven human health benefits offered from natural light.

After selecting the most suitable window locations, the next decision to be made is what type of windows to install. Windows offer the greatest threat for heat/energy loss through heat transfer from single pane glass windows. Window’s heat loss or gain mainly has to do with induction. Induction can be avoided by having double or triple paneled glass with airspace or inert gas in between the panes. Glazing the glass with a solar control film can help the windows collect the daylight, but block the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that causes induction. This film reduces cooling costs and can be made of non-toxic materials to avoid air pollution.

In hotter climates, overheating is a big issue for building windows. This can be easily overcome by using low-emissive glass, or low-E; which reflects heat to the source instead of trapping inside the building. Also consider using deciduous trees or window shades on the outside of the building to block the sun during the hottest times of the day. Aedi Construction uses energy saving windows in all of their new building projects, and Aedi can also help lower your energy bill with energy efficient replacement windows if appropriate to your situation.

(photo: First Multi-Unit LEED-H certified building in the U.S., Cambridge, MA)