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On Demand Hot Water/Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heaterOn demand hot water heaters provide immediate hot water without the requirements of a storage tank. Instead of storing hot water in a large tank, the water flows directly from the district supply and circulates through a series of burners or electric coils to immediately deliver hot water. Although on demand heaters have moderately higher initial costs, they require less energy throughout its life. Traditional hot water systems are stored in tanks that have to be maintained at a high temperature 24 hours a day creating only a limited amount of hot water. On demand hot water is more efficient and sustainable due to the fact that heating occurs “on demand” and is not constantly heating a standing body of water.

Another great hot water solution is implementing solar water heaters on the roof of the home or building. This can provide a hot water storage supply without any thermal energy costs, since the water is being heated directly from the sun.

(photo: Rinnai tankless water heater)