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Solar Panel Information

Solar power is an excellent way for a home or building owner to gain on-site renewable energy directly from natural sunlight. There are several varieties of solar power available with the most common being in the form of a solar panel. Solar panels are capable of collecting energy through either thermal heat or photovoltaic electricity.

Solar thermal systems are made up of thermal collectors that trap heat from the sun with a stored liquid, usually water for heating and hot water needs. This can offer the building hot water with zero heating charges. Photovoltaic solar panels are capable of collecting sunlight and directly converting it into electricity. The efficiency of photovoltaic’s has greatly increased over the years and now, highly dense cells, can offer as high as 40 percent energy efficiency [1].

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(Photo: Solar panel arrays and geothermal heating, Sherborn, MA)

[1] Renewable Energy Access. December 2006. Solar Cell Breaks the 40% Efficiency Barrier. (Accessed August 3, 2008).