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Environmentally Friendly Paint

green paintPaint is composed of three main compounds; pigments for the color, binders or resin to bind the paint to the wall, and carriers or solvents for drying. The main issue concerning paints and sustainability is with the compounds containing toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment.
Oil paints have been the most traditional paint supply, but due to their VOC content, consumers are seeking other supplies. There are a variety of natural paints that are non-toxic, easy to apply and clean up. These paints are mostly renewable or occur abundantly in nature; made up of citrus oil, linseed oil, lime, clay and chalk.

Green Home Guide considers casein as the least toxic and environmentally friendly paint. It is made from natural pigments, milk solids, lime, talcum and salt. It is generally a dry substance that gets mixed with water. This reduces waste and transport energy. See Green Home Guide for a guide to selecting the most suitable paints for your needs.
Latex paints are also a better choice over the traditional oil paints.  The greatest benefit latex paint has is the opportunity to be recycled. Make environmentally friendly paint your first step in building a sustainable, healthy environment. For more information on achieving a fully sustainable solution, contact us for a consultation.


(photo: Low VOC paint products from Benjamin Moore, Faux Like a Pro, and Sherman Williams)