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Low Flow Water Fixtures

kohler low flow showerheadMany breakthroughs have been made in building water systems. These results have led to the replacement of large water consuming fixtures with low flow water fixtures. The new low flow design substitutes water with high air pressure to perform the same tasks at a fraction of the water consumption through low flow faucet heads and smaller piping. With these new low flow plumbing systems, a toilet that normally consumes five gallons of water per flush can now use three pints.[1] This design reduces sewage waste and involves smaller piping, meaning less material for plumbing.

In addition, faucet heads on sinks and showers can be easily replaced with water saving WaterSense labeled faucets. WaterSense is another environmental awareness label used to acknowledge water faucets that have been designed to be about 20% more efficient than the standard fixture. Lastly, always inspect water faucet heads and fixtures for any holes or leaks. Just a pinhole leak on a faucet can waste tens of gallons of water in a single day.  Aedi Construction offers beautiful options for low flow fixtures on every project. For a complete sustainable building solution, visit the Aedi energy efficient construction page.

(photo: Kohler low flow showerhead)

[1] Chaplin, Scott. July/August 1998. Water Saving Gadgets Make a Splash. (Accessed on August 1, 2008).