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Home Energy Audit

calculatingA home energy audit is a quick and easy way to understand a building or home's energy consumption. The audit offers a great opportunity for highlighting cost-saving opportunities by increasing the building's energy efficiency. Many energy audits can be found online, such as Energy Star's Home Energy Yardstick, which requires your last 12 months of energy bills and some basic numbers for your home’s size and location. 

A more precise home energy efficiency audit can be performed by a hired home energy auditor that can offer much greater detail as well as a list of recommended measures to make your home more efficient. A good energy auditor should be able to provide ‘blower door’ tests and a thermo graphic scan to assess any air or temperature leaks throughout the building.

Either way, the home energy audits are the first step in making your home energy efficient; but keep in mind, the audit only provides the owner with the initial assessment, and it is up to the owner to continue to implement the recommendations to achieve the energy efficiency potential.

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