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Geothermal Renewable Energy & Ground Source Heating

Geothermal vertical loop systemGeothermal renewable energy is a source of energy derived from heat generated by hot springs, geysers, volcanic hot spots and hot rocks deep inside the earth. On a large scale, geothermal power generation plants are capable of harnessing massive supplies of underground power potential to create steam and run turbines for electricity production. This is a clean and renewable energy source that is being widely incorporated into the United States power supply.

Since these geothermal ‘hot spots’ are only in specific geographical locations throughout the world, a more commonly available technology has been developed called ground source heating. Ground source heating can supply a home or building with heat and air conditioning supply practically at any location. The reason ground source heating is so widely applicable is due to the constant temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit just below the surface. The ground source heating uses the temperature differential of the above and below ground air temperature to draw hot or cold air out of buildings. This air then gets channeled through underground piping to supply the comfortable living temperature for any home or building. After the initial installation fee, the ground source heat pump requires very little external energy.