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Framing/Building Wrap

skyA solid building frame and wrap is a basic principle in constructing any high efficiency building. A properly installed frame and wrap provides a building with a tight seal to the outside environment, preventing air and water leaks. Similarly, a poor building wrap can lead to mold, mildew and rotten wood within the building, which drastically decreases the building’s life span. Ensuring the building wrap is airtight after the initial installation can save additional future costs as well as warranty a long life for the building.

Most building wraps are derived from fibrous spun polyolefin plastic. Some building wraps have better water repelling and weather resisting characteristics than others. Make sure the building wrap is suitable to the siding, in some cases wood siding can react poorly to the housing wrap.

Spray on building wraps have been designed to use recycled materials, such as paper products, which can be applied in an efficient manner. The spray is capable of getting inside hard to reach areas and will create a very effective seal on a building.