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green lightingEfficient water and light fixtures offer an easy way to reduce the consumption of these resources throughout the building. Such fixtures deliver efficient alternatives while reducing water and electricity costs.

Low flow water fixtures, (see Low Flow Water Fixtures section) are easily installed and reduce water consumption dramatically while still providing consistent water delivery. These fixtures are available for showers and faucets. Motion sensors can also be installed in faucets that can considerably reduce water consumption.

Light Fixtures
The Energy Star rating system lists the five most commonly used light fixtures throughout a home; these include: the kitchen ceiling lights, living and family room tables, floor lamps, outdoor porch and post lamps. Designing fixtures with energy efficient lighting creates the most significant energy savings for the owner. Motion-sensing light fixtures are an efficient way to light a building; providing light when needed and conserving it when not in use. As an example, entranceways and bathrooms are good places to have motion-censors.

Replacing old light fixtures with new energy efficient systems is one of the easiest ways homeowners can save energy. Energy efficient light fixtures use 75% less electricity and lasts ten times longer than traditional light bulbs. Switching to these types of light fixtures saves money, energy, time, and the environment.

The current lighting fixtures available in the market today are incandescent, compact florescent (CFL), and light-emitting diode (LED). Incandescent light bulbs are becoming the light of the past due to their short life span (1,500 hours) and high-energy demand. CFL and LED are two fixture designs currently available with much greater performance. The CFL is capable of offering a wider spectrum of brightness with over 10,000 hours per bulb.

LED has an incredible 60,000 hour life span and is by far the most efficient light on the market today. LED also contains no hazardous chemicals (such as mercury which is used in CLF’s) or electrical filaments. Although there are currently limited supplies of LED lighting fixtures available, a great push has been made for this technology and they will become more widely available in the near future. Follow this link to an excellent spreadsheet attachment that outlines the costs/savings for each lighting fixture.

Do keep in mind, to be sustainable a property owner should phase out less efficient fixtures and appliances over time as needed, rather than immediately switching over and disposing of the ones that will be replaced.