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Energy Efficiency Summaries

green houseEnergy efficiency is considered one the greatest opportunities to contribute to a sustainable building. Buildings are the single largest energy consuming resource in the world, using 40% of the world’s energy [1]. By reducing a building’s energy consumption, the owner can create the necessary solution to our unsustainable and high impacting electricity and heat use.

One thing to make clear is the common misconception between the idea of energy efficiency and energy conservation. Both of them can help resolve the issue of high energy consumption, but they are done in two separate ways. Energy conservation reduces energy consumption through directly cutting back on operations that are energy intensive. Energy efficiency reduces consumption by still having those operations occur, but with more efficient appliances that require less energy for the same task, such as energy efficient light fixtures and refrigerators. The transition to energy efficient solutions causes fewer disruptions to our everyday living, but it can also be more costly for the initial investment.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development. October 2007. Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Facts and Trends. (Accessed on July 30, 2008).