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Energy Efficient Doors & Recycled Doors

DoorDoors serve two functions in creating a sustainable building. Doors should be comprised of naturally renewable or recycled materials and should be made from recycled or naturally renewable wood products. Wooden doors produced from FSC Certified sources or those made from fiberboard can offer a sustainable advantage. Additionally, doors with a hollowed out design require less material while serving the same purpose. Owners should consider using hollowed doors for the interior of their buildings.

Doors also play a key role in securing the buildings envelope. The only two ways a building should be open to the outdoors, other than the heating and ventilation systems, is through doors and windows. A door opening to the outside environment should have an airtight seal when properly closed. The most energy efficient doors are made of fiberglass, wood-clad steel, or painted steel; filled with a polyurethane foam core, which is about five times as insulating as a wooden door. This high level of insulation combined with a magnetic seal around the door’s edge can offer superior benefits for combating draft.

Doors provide an easy way to create efficiency in a building and should not be overlooked, especially when failure to do so could cost the owner on their heating and cooling bills.

(Photo: Non-formaldehyde fill doors in Cambridge, MA multi-unit)